Apr 30, 2020

Q&A: Liverpool Sound City vs. Coronavirus


British showcase festival Liverpool Sound City has been postponed until September due to coronavirus like many other festivals. We asked Luke Burrowes, Production Assistant and Artist Liaison at Sound City, to tell us how the festival is facing the coronavirus pandemic and how solo artists should reach out to perform on Guest House.

Luke Burrowes
Luke Burrowes, Production Assistant and Artist Liaison at Liverpool Sound City

gigmit: Liverpool Sound City has been postponed until September due to coronavirus. Did you manage to book the same bands?

Luke Burrowes: Mostly yes, we only had one artist who wasn’t available.

How are you selecting bands who will play on Guest House? How can artists apply?

Bands are open to getting in touch to show interest and availability. At the moment we are only approaching solo artists for the time being to adhere to social distancing/lockdown. Solo artists can show their interest by getting in touch either with me, other members of the booking team or anyone else at Sound City and we’ll pass the message on. We will be opening it up to bands as well later on however with the lockdown/social distancing measures we’re limiting it to solo artists for now.

What are the main things you are working or struggling with currently?

We’re struggling with providing artists with valuable info on what’s likely to happen in the UK by September. A lot want to plan ahead which is expected but we can’t say what the score will be then.

Do you have any message or tips for artists at the moment?

Keep healthy, write, engage with fans and get creative on socials – more importantly, stay in and stay safe.

How is the music community reacting to coronavirus in the UK?

We’re doing the best we can with the info and updates we’re being provided with. I feel there has been a lot of rallying around for independent artists especially with people buying merch for instance.

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