May 05, 2020

Q&A: Monkey Week vs. Coronavirus


Monkey Week, a showcase festival in southern Spain and member of the INES project, usually takes place in November. The organizers haven’t decided to cancel or reschedule this year’s edition yet, however, due to the heavy impact of the Coronavirus on their country, they are already considering alternative festival models. Tali Carreto, co-director of Monkey Week, told us about the festival’s plans and what they are currently doing to deal with this difficult situation.

Tali Carreto - Monkey Week
Tali Carreto, co-director of Monkey Week

gigmit: Did you decide to cancel or postpone Monkey Week due to the Coronavirus?

Tali Carreto: Monkey Week continues with its initially planned celebration dates: 18th-21st November. So far, we have not decided to cancel or postpone. Anyway, before cancelling we think it would be better to think of an alternative festival model: a totally online festival, or mixing live shows with reduced capacity and online content.

Did you already book the artists for your line-up?

We don’t have the line-up for the next edition of Monkey Week yet. The call for showcases for the next edition will open shortly.

Note: Meanwhile the call for showcases has been opened! Artists can apply to play at Monkey Week 2020 here until July 17th.

If Monkey Week 2020 needs to be cancelled: Will you try to book the same artists for next year’s edition? 

In case of cancellation this year, we would not mind selecting the INES#talents 2020 for the next edition in 2021.

What are the main things you are currently working on? 

As I was answering a little above, we will soon open the call for showcases. In addition, we are already evaluating possible actions to increase the online content of Monkey Week and Monkey Brain 2020. And from 27 to 30 April, we are holding a series of online conferences with professionals from the music sector in Spain to discuss the current situation.

What message or tips do you have for artists at the moment? Is there a positive outlook? 

Unfortunately, there is not much optimism. Each new news that comes to us invites us to think about a future without live music until the end of this year or the beginning of the next one. At least in our country. Anyway, we must wait to know the measures and new regulations that the Government will implement… And here in Spain (I suppose like in the rest of the world), the musicians seem to have turned to the net and did not stop offering concerts in streaming.

How is the music community reacting to this crisis in Spain?

If any crisis seems to have something good about it, it is that it unites us all more. Different musical associations (Asociación de Festivales de Música, Federación de la Música de España and others) are in talks with the Government to present proposals and measures to take. And although the beginning was not easy, now the Government does seem to want to hear our voices. 

Can you name a live music streaming format in your country for this occasion?

Please take a look at the initiative Cuarentena Fest. It was born during this crisis and confinement, and it was one of the first ideas to get started from the cultural sector. They are our partners in our online talks that I mentioned before.

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