Jun 15, 2020

Recommended for You: The Top 10 music blogs


Newcomers and “Indies” are no longer a secret and dominate the music world as commercial features. The leading trendsetters in the industry are, you can hardly believe it, neither record companies, nor radios or magazines, but mainly bloggers. Yes, bloggers! We have compiled the ultimate list of the top 10 English language music blogs.

#1 Pitchfork

Created in 1995, this blog from Chicago is considered THE indie music blog overall and is therefore high on our list of the top 10 music blogs. Pitchfork gained its popularity mainly by presenting the year charts and reviews of various albums. Meanwhile, there is a TV channel, self-organised festivals, articles, interviews and all kinds of news from the music industry.

#2 Gorilla vs. Bear

Gorilla vs. Bear is an MP3 music blog which focuses on undiscovered and unknown bands in the form of videos, an own radio show, MP3s etc. With more than 80.000 Likes on Facebook, the Texas-based music blog is getting more and more popular.

#3 Hypebot

Hypebot offers daily news and commentary on the music industry, technology and social media. Founded in 2004, the blog is a great source of information for music industry professionals, indie labels and d.i.y. musicians.

#4 HipHopWired.com

Providing the most recent Hip-Hop news, this blog is home to everyone who is interested in this genre. Their mission is “to accurately survey the Hip-Hop landscape with proper perspective, championing topics we believe should be celebrated, yet remaining partial enough to lend a critical eye to issues that deserve deliberation and debate.”

#5 Brooklyn Vegan

To all of our readers in America: Brooklyn Vegan is a music blog founded in 2004 focusing primarily on music-related news and events taking place in and around New York City. You might wonder why the blog is called “Brooklyn Vegan”. It began as a blog that also covered vegan food options in Brooklyn, before the founder and editor in chief Dave shifted his focus to more exclusively documenting live music in the area.

#6 Pigeons & Planes

Pigeons & Planes is part of COMPLEX Networks. It’s all about music discovery in hip-hop, pop, indie rock and electronic, supporting new artists and delivering the best music curation online.

#7 Your EDM

For all Electronic Dance Music Fans: EDM is your home. The latest and greatest news about Electronic Dance Music and technology are being shared regularly with the readers.

#8 Loudwire

Loudwire is an amazing blog for rock fans. So if you listen to Rock or Alternative, you will feel at home here. You can find everything your rock heart desires, from music news, interviews to reviews and more from rock artists.

#9 Stereogum

Created in 2002 by Scott Lapatine, Stereogum focuses on music news, reviews, interviews and irreverent commentary. It was one of the first MP3 blogs and has received several awards and citations, including the Plug Award for best music blog.

#10 Billboard

Billboard is known for its music charts, including the Hot 100 and Billboard 200, tracking the most popular songs and albums in different genres. News, reviews and events are also being communicated in the blog.

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