Nov 29, 2022

The live music industry has a problem. We have a solution.

As the music industry continues its recovery from the havoc of the pandemic, issues continue to impact the touring business. Is there a solution to what seems to be an impossible problem? We think we have one…

The risks and relentless demands of post-lockdown touring

It all started with Corona-related tour cancellations at short notice, followed by cancellations for health reasons. After the focus on mental health in the industry in the last few years, the effects are now also noticeable at concerts by the fact that artists do not always cope under the pressure. But then the Ukraine war shocked the world. Rising inflation and costs of tours plagued the industry to the point where even successful indie artists were forced to cancel shows. Volatile ticket sales, especially lack of pre-sale, add to the cashflow problems. The result: an increase in tour cancellations.

This is also vividly presented in the industry newsletter LOW BUDGET, HIGH SPIRIT:

“The well-tried and balanced interaction between agencies, tour organizers and local promoters will be shaken up. With every reduction in the size of the pie, the need to remove one or more of these many hands from the value chain increases. For major American acts, the chain of global agency, European agency, national agencies, tour promoters, and local promoters is sickeningly long. Since everyone in this chain wants to see shares or money for their “performance”, there is so little money left over in the end that the act can no longer pay for the production. Or so many people have a say, who then lose money if it does not run, that the economic pressure is sooner or later granted. The fact that the far too long value chain is part of the systemic problem is apparently noticed by few.”

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The live music industry has just evolved that way.

Focusing too much on the principle of “we’ve always done it that way.” Innovations in the industry are more likely to be found at the “Point of Sale” (cashless ticketing, dynamic pricing, etc.) than anywhere else in the value chain.

Since the Corona pandemic, and then the war in Ukraine, it’s been clear that things can’t go on like this. Too many tour cancellations are ruining the careers of aspiring artists and causing an increasing amount of problems for promoters. But we have a solution. Let’s start at the beginning.


Why gigmit will solve tour cancellations

Gigmit has proved time and time again that tour cancellations due to corona or sickness can be resolved. For example, at Sziget Festival we booked an international artist for the following day in just a few hours. What is needed to overcome last minute tour cancellations is a large pool of good acts and digital technology for fast management: the answer: gigmit.

But there’s more. When international acts can’t perform because of high costs, it pays to book locally. Clubs can also sell tickets well with fan-strong local acts. Gigmit has over 6000 artists in Berlin alone, which is probably more than all readers know personally. With an extensive network of acts throughout Europe, UK and the USA, there’s almost no place gigmit can’t find great local talent for full-length shows. And it’s easy to do with just a few clicks.

Value chain and international shows

Now we come to the big topic of the value chain and international shows. Of course, well-known acts need advice and guidance. Preferably from experienced agents who not only broker the shows, but help plan the strategy for artists. Fortunately, there are many of these. But unfortunately, not nearly enough to account for the 40 million or so acts in the music world today. Then, when there are up to four agents working on an international tour and they all want to make money, it’s clear, of course, that the artist’s budget is not enough to still tour successfully in these times.


“Animal Collective is an American rock band, very renowned in indie and aficionado circles, equipped with a large fanbase and over 20 years of successful touring. Animal Collective just cancelled their EU/UK tour:

A new era of tour booking

So we need the support of digital tools to allow bands, DJs and agents to book international shows together with the lowest possible costs between club and artist. Gigmit starts exactly here. This will allow us to make tours possible in the future that would otherwise have to be cancelled.

Well, tickets still have to be sold, of course. No easy task at this time. But did we mention that gigmit also displays local fan and streaming data to better estimate demand?

gigmit fan streaming data

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