Sep 01, 2021

Entering “Experimental Softness” – In Conversation With Wild Anima


Cassette Gods Wild Anima (Alex Alexopoulos) is a Paris born Berlin based sound artist and live performer. Her work explores various dimensions of intimacy in the relationship of the human psyche and nature. In her approach Wild Anima seeks to bind the emotional and spiritual processes as a means of healing, utilising the ecological framework. She has recently released a concept album that was partly developed in Iceland and is the result of an ongoing project that explores the field of ecology of emotions. Through a wide array of experimental vernaculars Wild Anima creates a very sensual, visceral and avant/art sound.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a French-Greek sound artist and performer, in art Wild Anima, currently based in Berlin. My music sways between many genres in the ambient and art pop spectrum. Sometimes it’s minimal and sometimes more passionate, for instance. I like to sing songs about intimate experiences and merge this with performance art and mandala installations made from materials found in nature. I work a lot with energy and the heart sense also known as the 6th sense. As a result, I like to describe what I do as experimental softness.

Define success.

In my artistic journey I’ve come to realise that being successful is a bit like inner peace. It is something we can create by developing the conditions for it to flourish, for instance. Something that is defined in me rather than from the outside. As a result, currently my standard of success is being able to keep a stable mindset and stay consistent in my artistic practice. I feel that this inspires others to be creative too and creates a sense of community.

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How do you think the music industry will change after the pandemic?

Whenever greater systems crumble, smaller ones emerge. As a result, this can be a great opportunity for new possibilities. It’s up to us to build new ways of working as music professionals and reshape the music industry. I like to compare how the food industry grew this whole branch of locally based organic food, for instance. This could happen with music and the way “consumers” support their local artists. As a result, artists can as well develop themselves in a more sustainable manner. There is a lot to say about it.

What secret have you never told in an interview?

I’m addicted to chocolate.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I’m slowly shifting into visual arts and transmedia based mediums of expression. I’ll be releasing a new album in the coming months that I created during the last year. It is about finding the right ways to transform our struggles and emotional strife into a superpower. All through our connection with nature and sensuality. I am also planning to expand this release into an art project with interactive installations that include music with plants. 

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