Dec 11, 2023

4 Reasons to use gigmit as a (large-scale) promoter & talent buyer

Gigmit has crafted a digital solution that simplifies booking by expanding global talent pools and opening doors to valuable insights as a talent buyer – we bring together over 250,000 users from 120 countries. By using our innovative platform features, we transform the way promoters, clubs, festivals, and talent buyers deal with bookings more efficiently.

Here are the key factors why large-scale promoters should use gigmit in optimizing faster and better booking…

1. Streamlining the Booking Process

gigmit finds and analyses artists in a matter of seconds. For instance, a festival that traditionally would spend three months curating a lineup, now achieves a similar outcome in just three weeks. A remarkable one-third reduction in staff workload and a true power for large-scale operations to shine.

Want to avoid the repetitive questions and get straight to it? Utilize the Concert Calendar.

We launched the Concert Calendar to facilitate the booking process for artists and promoters. Artists can schedule their availability for future events, and promoters can swiftly sift and sort through available artists.


2. Unlocking Time Savings for Large-Scale Operators

We are a breath of fresh air for managing 10, 100, 1000 or more events each year. Not to mention the time saved when gigmit simplifies the contractual side of booking artists! Within the platform, you can manage contracts and negotiations with ease.

A new innovation that benefits large-scale promoters is the gigmit Fan Charts. You can now use personalised filters to find out which live acts and DJs are most popular in your desired city – based on current fan and streaming data. Discover fresh talent from different corners of the world and enrich the diversity of each city. All with no limits!

On top of that, you can curate lineups that resonate more effectively with a target demographic wherever an event may be. Easy right?

gigmit fan charts
gigmit Fan Charts

3. Team Access and Full Control

gigmit provides all event-related team members with access. This offers complete transparency on booked dates, available slots, and the roster of artists. A real-life scenario where a festival’s main booker falls severely ill shows just how important the platform is – gigmit ensures that worst-case scenarios, such as the CEO lacking access to crucial emails, become entirely avoidable.

Read more about how to manage applications here.

4. Multiple Profiles for Diverse Venues and Festivals

If you’re managing different venues or festivals, gigmit offers a seamless solution. With just one login, you can create multiple profiles that are tailored to each specific venue or festival. Our flexibility extends to opening unlimited calls for artists under each profile that caters to specific needs like:

  • Filling a date
  • Boosting general venue attendance
  • Finding support acts
  • Securing performers for specific time frames

We offer integrated promotion and marketing features to amplify visibility of events; a centralized hub for promoting events across various channels.


Want to know who is trending? Ensure a successful event? By using Fan Insights, promoters can assess the potential of artists and increase their success rate.

If you’re still not convinced, click here to learn more on how to use gigmit as a promoter.


 gigmit stands out as the indispensable tool for large-scale promoters and talent buyers. The ability to streamline processes, save time, and offer complete control ensures a world of efficiency, creativity, and unparalleled convenience for those managing multiple events on a grand scale. 


Embrace the future of live music booking with gigmit – where simplicity meets success.

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