Oct 13, 2020

Best Of Online Music Conferences for Promoters


Recent music conferences have mostly been held to help promoters and artists think about the future of live music. How’s the music business looking like in Europe and in the US? How to use data for more sold out shows? What are new ways to get an audience to participate in music? Find it out and much more in our selection of music conferences for promoters. 

In spite of the pandemic, many INES#festivals actually took place last month. Some chose the hybrid form, others were the digital only. We gathered the best of music conferences for promoters: find out everything music industry professionals should think of these days.

European Music Business: Beyond Covid and Brexit

Live at Heart (September 2020)

INES#festivals organisers discuss the possible future of the post-Covid and post-Brexit European music business, with Anca Lupes from MMB Bucharest and Andy Jones from FOCUS Wales, Mark Bounds, Vaidas Stackevicius, Sara Herrlin and Paul Bradshaw. How to work beyond the uncertainty of both Covid and Brexit? How will it impact the exchange of artists from the UK to Europe and from Europe to the UK?

The Future of Booking: Sold out Shows using Data

Waves Festival (September 2020)

gigmit CEO Marcus Fitzgerald presents how data can help promoters make smarter booking decisions. What are the most important information to make a booking decision? How to save time looking for specific information such as fan and streaming data, country of origin, music genre, availability and more? Optimise your search for artists using data…

The Future of the European Music Eco System hosted by EMEE

Waves Festival (September 2020)

Venues are in survival mode. Most of them had to close completely for weeks and are only slowly opening up to a very limited audience. Music streaming has not boomed as expected with this year’s lockdown. The support from the government and other initiatives is particularly important at the moment. How do export offices can help the professionals build the future? Find out everything you should know from market research, finding new tools and focus on what we can do without travelling and prepare the time when will be travelling.

The Global Crisis – Resetting the Music Industry

Kontakt Belgrade (September 2020)

Promoters, talent buyers, and agents were equally hit by corona. How can small businesses survive, especially in countries where governments don’t have the funds to support the cultural sector? Can big tours still happen in 2021? Do smaller artists and clubs have more chances to survive than big talents and venues booking international acts? Marcus Fitzgerald (gigmit/INES), Nick Hobbs (Charm Music Serbia), Kees van Weijen (Impala), Dario Draštata and Pete Dyson (Berklee Valencia) exchange on these important topics.


What are the pros and cons of online music conferences for promoters? We gathered our impressions here.
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