May 19, 2022

Making Music Sustainable With Hanna Gulyas From Wonderest Festival


“Artists find their way to me and I find my way to them. This is the magic that gigmit offers.”
Hanna Gulyas on sustainability in festivals, her process of artists selection, and how gigmit helped her with it. 

gigmit and Hanna Gulyas

Besides the Wonderest Festival, Hanna Gulyas is responsible for another institution. Last year, Garden Wonder in collaboration with gigmit created an online showcase festival called “Home Grown”. The event helped artists during the difficult pandemic times. The “Home Grown” became a leading path for upcoming artists all over the globe.

Magic That gigmit Offers

gigmit is an enabler for me to find upcoming talents. I see artists who put their work, who update their data, and who are really keen to connect to festivals. They find their way to me and I find my way to them. This is the magic that gigmit offers. gigmit helps artists to get directly to venues and festivals, to build a career and get network and connections”, says Hanna.

Wonderest Festival

The gigmit experience

This year, gigmit and Wonderest festival had a great collaboration, where artists were encouraged to apply. The top 2 voted artists are invited to the festival. Maaike Giradin(NL) will perform at the stage of Wonderest festival with her soothing and cheerful indie pop-folk music. The second selected artist is Daniel Minimalia(ES). Daniel, latin Grammy winner and two times Hollywood Music in Media Award winner, will amaze audience with his guitar and compositions, in a wide range of styles like folk, rock and classical. gigmit is excited to bring new talents to Wonderest audience and help in making music more sustainable.

Richard Zalai at Wonderest

Welcome to Wonderest Festival

Wonderest is a sustainable community festival with international and local artists, with a spirit of sustainability. The idea behind is to be present in the moment. The core values are getting away from digital noise, from the big city life, and finding a perfect moment to spend together with friends and get closer to music, to nature.

Every decision at the Wonderest festival is filtered through the idea of becoming greener, sharing the love for nature and the planet with everybody that comes. The biggest motivation is to show the music industry, and people in general, that it is possible to organise a festival with sustainability in mind.

Wonderest is held in Ispánk, in a small village in the Őrség National Park area in Hungary. You can buy ticket to Wonderest festival and share this experience: great music, nature and good people around. Lets make music industry more sustainable!

Wonderest festival


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