Aug 18, 2022
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IFA Berlin : The Music of Tomorrow is already here

On March 4th, 2022, we were telling you all about TEAC, their history and spirit, but also their will to shine light on what the Music of Tomorrow will be, right here. The “Recording Tomorrow” project gave astonishing results in the form of songs that you’ll be able to listen to, on vinyl, from September 2-6, 2022, at IFA Berlin 2022.

TEAC is in the lead

It makes sense for TEAC to be at IFA Berlin, because, as previously said, TEAC has had the leading technology when it comes to home audio and high-end audio — turntables, cassette players, speakers : you name it, they have it. TEAC is really keen on preserving traditional ways of making, recording and listening to music. In the meantime, they make history with innovative technology.

TEAC is renowned for their products’ diversity and quality. They are compact and practical, while also having a lot of great features and the promise of quality and longevity.

The brand has left a mark on the 80s world of audio thanks to visionary innovation, in particular in the United States, but have kept the same will to provide private individuals and professionals with top-tier equipment.

It is only natural for them to want to put the best music on the best audio devices. That is why, in collaboration with 6 gigmit artists, they developed a vinyl sampler that offers a teaser of what today’s and tomorrow’s music sounds like.


A sneak peek until IFA Berlin 2022

TEAC Tokyo, HIFI Turntables buyers from FNAC France, gigmit experts and TEAC Europe Marketing got together to choose which artists would have the privilege to appear on the “Recording Tomorrow” vinyl, aiming to showcase the talent of rising artists.

"Recording Tomorrow" record by TEAC with drawing artwork in gray, black and white tones
Artwork cover of the “Recording Tomorrow” vinyl by Stephan Tiefenhaler


The 6 artists that will appear on the record come from various horizons : hip hop, ethnic music, pop… and it’s interesting to notice that more and more artists write songs about social matters like oppression, lack of security or ecology, and less about love or simple individual life matters.

We couldn’t wait until September to introduce you to the artists featured on the vinyl. Below, you will find the comprehensive list of artists as well as an example of their work.

Tribe Mafia — Problems

Tribe Mafia does their best to keep up with what’s trending while staying true to themselves, as they explained in a previous interview with gigmit. Their songs are engaged, and often, tell the tales of minorities and the problems they face, especially in the USA.

By writing powerful yet moving lyrics to share their culture and what they see around them, they create a true sharing experience for their audiences.

Listen to their latest release, “We Matter” :


Telegraph — Down in the River

Telegraph shares the concerns of the youth about the future. They write tracks full of questions and insecurities, but never lacking hope. The French trio does not confine themselves to just one genre. They dream of a colorful and unbounded music that binds them with their fans.

The track featured on the TEAC vinyl is a reflective song about the world around us changing, midway between nostalgia and urgency.

Watch the dance performance accompanying “Down in the River” : 


Sean Haefeli — Balance

The Indianapolis-raised and Berlin-based multi-talented artist Sean Haefeli shares his vision of music and life through songs like “Balance”. With its rich and profound sound, this track teaches you how to ground yourself and enjoy your everyday life more.

The collaboration with TEAC is not Sean’s first success on gigmit. The artist did not hesitate to reveal what motivates him and guarantees his success in the CASIO Notes.

Listen to “Balance”: 

Meresha — Trouble

Meresha is a pioneering artist who calls her music “alien pop” because she doesn’t follow any traditional rules when it comes to creating. “Trouble” is a fun party anthem that will give you the confidence and energy to dance all night.

Meresha is an example of gigmit success, as TEAC is not her first booking on the platform. In a previous article, she tells you why she would recommend gigmit PRO to get booked for similar opportunities.

Get a better feeling of Meresha’s creative universe by watching the “TROUBLE” music video : 


KIDSØ are a dynamic duo that create beautiful, soothing tracks with analogue synths and organic instruments. While the beats make you dance, their music makes you feel connected to nature and life’s true meaning. It is all in all an immersive listening experience to hear KIDSØ’s music.

KIDSØ doubles their impact by marrying great visuals to their music, as you can see in Finja’s music video :

Keitu Ke Kamoo

Keitu the Songbird opens her soul and spirit to write music and perform it, in hopes that it reaches her audience in the same way. The sound she creates is a true, vibrant sound, that will make you feel every emotion. “Ke Kamoo” combines Keitu’s soft but powerful voice with a soothing composition.

Listen to “The Beginning”, Keitu’s latest album where Ke Kamoo is featured :


Why should you go to IFA Berlin this year?

You should go to IFA Berlin 2022 first and foremost because it has been the meeting place of retailers, experts from the industry, the media, and buyers since 1924. Innovations like the first car radio (1932), color television (1937), but also mobile telephones (1989) or HDTV (2005) were showcased there. In other words, it is the place where you’ll find out about new trends in the industry before anyone else. 

IFA Berlin 2022 will take place from the 02 to the 06.09.2022, and is accessible via train, bus, S- and U-Bahn. Tickets are sold at a discounted price until the start of the event on IFA’s website

There is no good reason to not go. 

See you there!