Mar 18, 2022

This Is Why Artists Recommend gigmit PRO


Are you struggling to decide whether you should switch to gigmit PRO or not?

Read here what our artists have to say about their experience with gigmit and what could be advantages for you!

What Is gigmit PRO?

First of all, gigmit PRO is a time saver. Booking requires a lot of persistence and time. Who has it nowadays, if we are all tight on our schedules? Perhaps the issue is even bigger when you’re independent artists, trying to market music, book shows, sell merch and remain creative at the same time. 

Time-Saving Database

Now imagine if you had to search for venues yourself and contact each of them separately. That’s where one of our most liked PRO features comes in – The Festival & Venue Database! Thousands of addresses in one place and you’re just ticking the boxes. 

The Best EPK

What to send those festivals and venues if you wanna get booked? We’ve got that covered too. Your account comes with a free Electronic Press Kit You just need to import some of the basic information. These will be nicely displayed on our website. If you’re still worried that something might go wrong on the way just let us know. Our marketing team can carefully review your profile and give some advice. Of course, it’s all free of charge since you’re our PRO user. 

On Top of the List & Exclusive Opportunities

Then, when you’re applying to play, you don’t have to worry that your submission will go unnoticed. Applications from PRO members are listed at the very top. This means your chances to be chosen by a promoter are much higher. Additionally, our team constantly shares new opportunities, exclusive for PRO members, and reminds you about key dates and deadlines to apply for events. 

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International Network & Community

Also, gigmit is not just a platform, it’s a global community run by music enthusiasts. We have telegram groups where you can contact our team members and ask for assistance. gigmit provides you space to network with other artists and industry professionals. 

Exclusive Deals

Did we mention that we have many partners who are happy to give you a discount on their services if you’re our member? The list includes: Ditto Music, Pieter Smit Busses, Budget Music Video and many more… The gigmit PRO status enables you to participate in our exclusive workshops and webinars with industry professionals. 

Fair Investment In Your Career

We want you to learn, grow and tour. We want you to have a long-term career. When you think about it in these categories, our fee isn’t a big deal. Traditional booking agents take much more. Read in our PRO exclusive whitepapers more about how the live industry works and learn how to book successfully.


Artists On gigmit PRO

Do you think it’s another just marketing pitch? Then check out what our artists have to say:

Musician Christina Russo

gigmit has helped me a lot, giving me visibility, making me know many festivals. I recommend everyone to sign up for gigmit. It is a great opportunity for artists. It does a great job for us.

Cristina Russo, Italy

SAM SHAKY recommends gigmitPRO

It didn’t take long when I got an opportunity to hit the road in Germany for a tour in Germany playing shows in Berlin, Hanover, Leipzig, Kiel, Dresden and Buxtehude. There are all these cool new features like Festival and Venue Database, where you can search for venues in certain areas. I love this feature. You can see that gigmit is really growing because when I started using gigmit, there were no venues from Finland. Now there are over 70 venues to contact.

Sam Shaky, Finland

I would recommend other acts subscribe to gigmit PRO because we can only do this together. We can’t do it alone! The more people who subscribe to gigmit, that’s just the more opportunity to come across somebody or some group that you could possibly be playing with in the future. I think that gigmit is a great tool for networking and connecting with new people who have the same interest as you. I can only see good coming from that!


gigmit allows, even the smallest artists, to have shows all over the world. I think gigmit can boost your music project to the next level.

Fredwill, France

gigmit PRO artist - Tribe Mafia

We would recommend gigmit PRO to all our artists peers because it’s very straightforward with opportunities. gigmit helps introduce artists to Sony Music Entertainment and festivals. What other companies are doing that for indie artists? These resources from gigmit are golden.

Tribe Mafia, USA

gigmit PRO artist - Meresha

gigmit is serious about working with artists in a mutually beneficial way. I give gigmit a lot of credit for making sure that happens.

Meresha, Poland


gigmit is a nice tool, it’s easy, not too time-consuming, and it can be really helpful to take the next step.

Komfortrauschen, Germany

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