Nov 26, 2020

Why You Should Use gigmit During the Pandemic


Yes, COVID has impacted the live music industry, strongly. At gigmit, we have been trying to adjust to this new situation, and luckily enough we managed to keep the platform alive unlike many other businesses in the industry.

Many gigmit users may think that since no gigs are happening at the moment, gigmit becomes useless. Today, we want to share the many reasons why gigmit is still helpful during corona times.

“There Are No Gigs to Play”

That’s where you’re wrong! Let us explain. Live gigs are now impossible or very limited, that’s a fact. On the bright side, event organisers and promoters have been creating new types of gigs. Since the beginning of the pandemic, gigmit has been offering new opportunities to artists every week.

It is now possible to apply for: 

  • Live Streaming opportunities
  • Radio shows and Airplay
  • A&R sessions with various partners, including Sony Music
  • Virtual Reality Shows
  • Win opportunities in partnership with major brands such as CASIO Music, JBL Professional, I’M SOUND and more.
  • Marketing & Promotion Workshops
  • Music Distribution opportunities

All of these gig opportunities can be found under the Gigs section of your gigmit dashboard.

International Despite COVID

Digital opportunities allow artists from all over the world to apply for gigs. During the pandemic, we were very happy to collaborate with Indiegaga for an exclusive Artist Feature programme based in Bangalore, India. Each month, 2 artists from selected countries will have the opportunity to build their fan base in India.

Booking 2021

In addition to these openings for events that can take place even during the lockdown, regular “live” gigs are still booking acts for 2021. Although, the uncertainty of whether an event will happen is of course a factor to take into account. However, most of the promoters who booked acts for 2020 tried to keep the same line-ups for 2021. This means artists should keep applying for shows RIGHT NOW to secure their slots for next year. It is the case for festivals like Sound City 2021, Parklichter 2021, Umsonst und Draußen 2021, Future Echoes 2021 or Pinehouse Concerts Series in 2021.

As a matter of fact, the amount of opportunities on gigmit is even higher than before the pandemic. We recommend artists to check out new gig openings regularly to maximise their chances to get booked.

Get the gigmit Guidesuse gigmit

Most of our recent interviews with artists led to a similar outcome. Not being able to perform live and to go on tour leaves plenty of room for other key activities. Many acts have taken the time to focus on growing their fan base on Social Media. Others took a deeper look into Marketing. But most of them certainly tried live stream shows. We recently came up with a list of reasons why Live Streaming shows are worth the hassle. Check it out before your next online gig.

Since mid-March, we have issued 3 whitepapers and guides to help you get more bookings, deal with online promotion and live streaming. You can download them now here:




Use the Advantages of Your gigmit Artist Page

Our biggest recommendation at gigmit is for artists to regularly update their Artist Page. It is crucial that before submitting an application, artists make sure to add all relevant details on their performance: new songs, videos, previous and future tour dates, recent band picture, biography and more. 

Connecting your socials to your gigmit artist page will not only help you watch your fan base grow. It will also help promoters assess if you have the potential to draw a crowd, and where. This Artist Page is what promoters will see first when receiving your application. We recommend that artists also use it to spread the word on their music. 

Use the gigmit FAN CHARTS Feature

Since September 2020, promoters AND artists can see the FAN CHARTS directly on their profiles. The charts bundle this information into clear recommendation rankings that can be adjusted by genre and location. But that’s not all! Promoters and other artists can contact you with direct messages from the FAN CHARTS section. This is a great way to find new artists and initiate collaborations.

Discover the gigmit FAN CHARTS now!


Additionally, gigmit has introduced country and INES#talents GROWTH CHARTS. These rankings help trending artists gain more visibility among our artist and promoter community. They are based on Facebook followers and Spotify listeners growth.

Check out all recent GROWTH CHARTS here! 


gigmit PRO users have additional tools to book more gigs with gigmit. The gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE gathers over 12,000 contact details from festivals and venues worldwide. Artists can contact as many as they need to inquire of potential gig opportunities, availability and eventually book gigs. 

Don’t wait for gigs to open, contact venues and festivals directly now.

Our Partnerships With the Best Music Brands

The gigmit team is constantly expanding its cooperation with partners in the music industry. This is because we want to connect selected music brands with the gigmit community. In this way, we can offer artists and promoters attractive new opportunities. These include the brands Sennheiser, JBL Professional and CASIO Music.

JBL Professional trusted gigmit for their creative competition and allowed all gigmit artists to apply for a special Christmas concert. The idea was simple: artists should submit their creative concept for a concert in a COVID-compliant set up using the latest mobile EON ONE Compact PA worth €1,800. The selected acts would get to play the show for a production budget of €1,000. Afterwards, they keep the PA.

CASIO Music ran several win campaigns with us in 2020. We were more than happy that the brand chose us to book artists for an exclusive online gig using the PRIVIA PX-S1000.  In this “Not Home Alone” series, 10 acts got booked to play a video gig at home for an €800 fee. Check out the winners’ performances hereMore recently, the brand opened another call to find Neo-Classical acts to perform at KAOS Berlin in partnership with Berlin Sessions and Neue Meister. In addition to playing the gig for a €1,000 fee, the selected act also got to keep the CASIO CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-510 (€4,499 RRP) as a gift. Find out more about this contest here.

Make sure to check out gigmit opportunities in the “Gigs” section of your dashboard and apply for win opportunities!

Sharing Resources to Educate Yourself About the Music Business

Every week, the gigmit team gathers and brainstorms to issue the most relevant articles. We are constantly looking for news and tips on the music business to help artists take their career to the next level. 

In the 2020 new launched gigmit blog, artists will find various sources of information, from win opportunities to product updates, music industry news and guide articles. Which panels you should absolutely rewatch? Where to get tickets for the best digital conferences? gigmit sends you all the details in our weekly newsletter and on our social media. Follow gigmit on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date.

Get Featured With gigmit

Seeing the impact of the pandemic on our users’ gigging habits, we have decided to help artists gain visibility. 

INDOOR INSPIRED was launched at the beginning of the pandemic to provide artists with a stage and help them showcase their music when travelling is impossible. Each edition showcased between 10 and 12 gigmit talents of all genres and from all parts of the world. The 4th edition of the Online Showcase will take place soon, stay tuned to submit your application. 

gigmit will start a new concert series on Twitch on December 2, 2020. We are offering a new stage for artists to perform live on a new digital channel.

We are regularly releasing playlists on Spotify and Soundcloud to feature our artists and spread the word among music event organisers. To be featured on these playlists, artists simply have to update their gigmit artist page.

Explore the INES Network

The INNOVATION NETWORK OF EUROPEAN SHOWCASES, or INES, is a European cooperation project initiated by eight international showcase festivals and gigmit, the European digital platform for artist booking. Showcase festivals are national music industry events that provide a platform for artist discovery, business networking and education. They combine live music performances, conference programmes and trade shows. Whether it’s about artist discovery, professional education or capacity building, it all happens there. By connecting those hubs, INES will create a united and strong European music market.

Last summer, artists from the countries of the 20 participating festivals got the chance to apply and become INES#talent 2021INES#talent is a programme enabling promising talents from all participating countries to drive their international careers forward by performing at showcase festivals all over Europe. The names of the 79 selected talents have been revealed in October, discover them now.

Follow INES on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates.

Therefore You Should Use gigmit Also In COVID Times

You see, there are reasons enough to use gigmit even during the pandemic. The digital future of the music industry has already begun. Be prepared when things really get going again after the pandemic. You are not alone with your anticipation!

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