Sep 13, 2020

gigmit FAQ: How to Add Songs & What’s a FAN BASE Module


It’s very necessary that you connect songs and videos with your EPK. No media = no visibility = no gigs, signings. So let’s talk about how to get your Artist Page especially with Spotify ready. 

Your Media Box represents your most powerful songs. The connection to Spotify also represents the data for the FAN BASE and the FAN LOCATION Module. This article is about how to link Spotify to your EPK.

How to Add Songs & What’s the FAN BASE Module

First of all, your gigmit Artist Page only works for you if it’s up-to-date and promoters can listen to your music. That’s why you need to add songs to your gigmit Artist Page. A total of 5 Songs can be integrated from your Spotify, SoundCloud, Mixcloud and Bandcamp profiles. But pay attention – your songs need to be public. Otherwise, they won’t appear in your Media Box and won’t be playable. In general, you need valid song URLs if you want to link your artist page to your songs. 

How to Connect Spotify With Your gigmit Artist Page

  • Log in
  • Go to your gigmit Artist Page/EPK
  • Click “Edit” at the top
  • Copy your Artist Link of your Spotify Profile (it’s a public available link)
  • Go back to gigmit and click “Connect Spotify”
  • Insert your Artist Link
  • and import your Songs
  • here we are!


gigmit artist page connect with Spotify gif

Your songs will be saved automatically and are immediately available on your Artist Page.

How to Remove Songs & Add New Ones

  • Go to your songs in the Media Box
  • Click on the recycle bin and confirm with “Remove Song”
  • Copy the song URL you want to link
  • add the song
  • then click “Add” and we are done


gigmit artist page add songs from Spotify gif

What Is the FAN BASE Module Good for?

The new FAN BASE Module shows your Fan Growth of the last 28 days since the first connection with Spotify. Growing numbers show bookers that your project has potential. Your profile will be more attractive and you will increase your chances to get booked! 

With the data from your FAN BASE module, you will be automatically suggested to the gigmit GROWTH CHARTS every month. They show which artists from a country are trending at the moment. Live acts that have connected their Spotify account will also appear automatically in the gigmit FAN CHARTS. These show promoters who is currently being heard in their city and should therefore be booked. Find out more about the gigmit FAN CHARTS here.

To get on stage, get booked. tT get booked, get discovered. Get visible via gigmit! Keep your gigmit Artist Page up-to-date, add songs and connect Spotify.

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