Oct 27, 2022

Unlock a Global Club & Festival Network

At gigmit, we made it our priority to give artists the tools to build a strong network of festivals & clubs. The Festival & Venue Database is the best email marketing tool for artists — including bulk messaging function and recipient engagement display.

In this article, we tell you why it is a real game changer for any live act or DJ who wants to build their career.


Email Marketing for Artists

Looking for venues or festivals, meeting promoters, searching for bookers contacts are essential for any artist who wants to play more gigs. However, building a strong club & festival network takes time. This is why, at gigmit, we build the Festival & Venue Database.

The gigmit team researches venues and festivals weekly to keep our community updated! With thousands of contacts worldwide, it is the must-have tool for artists and their managers.

This email marketing tool enables them to filter for the perfect venues in specific locations and genres. The performance tracking feature is a major change. In fact, artists can now focus on the contacts that matter and build stronger email campaigns. The best in this? The inbox and performance are directly accessible from gigmit.com.

In the past months, our Product team has developed additional features for the Festival & Venue Database. So what is new?

Festival & Venue Database: What is new?

Recipient engagement at a glimpse

The dog days are over. gigmit enables artists to assess if promoters have received, opened or clicked on their emails. As soon as you text a promoter, you are able to see the status of your message. If it is marked as “opened”, the promoter has opened your email and very likely read it.  If it is marked as “sent”, your email has reached a recipient. If the status of your message is “clicked”, it means the promoter clicked and visited your artist page. 

Inquiries status


See who played your target venue

It is now possible for DJs and live acts to see which other acts within the gigmit community have played at a specific venue. By doing so, artists are now able to better assess if each venue or festival is suitable for their project.

Find the newest venues added

We made it quicker for regular users of the database to identify the newly added venue & festival contacts. All the new clubs, venues and festivals are now listed at the top of search results. In addition, venues that you have already contacted will be marked with a yellow tick next to their name. 

Keep track of your progress with the Habit Tracker

The gigmit Habit tracker is a new feature that helps you commit to your goals — directly accessible from your artist dashboard. A key to building a strong club & festival network is to persist. Sending out several batches of emails per day to relevant venues will make a difference. This is the reason why the Habit Tracker will be your best friend: keep track of how many promoters you’ve emailed per week and see if they engaged with your emails in the database.

Build your Global Clubs & Festival Network

Live acts and DJs who commit to their music project will succeed better than the rest. Building a strong network of festivals and venues does not come without effort. By putting in the required work and with the right tools, you will maximise your chances of success!


The Festival & Venue Database is accessible to all gigmit PRO artists. Sign up today!