Mar 16, 2021

gigmit Open Day: 24 Hours All Gigs for Everyone!


On 21st March 2021, spring will have well and truly sprung – a friendlier time, an exciting time. To encourage your digital spring cleaning, for 24 hours you will become a gigmit PRO Act! Automatically and for FREE! You don’t have to do anything about it. All gigs… no seriously, ALL GIGS will be open for you to apply for. So be prepared to seize the day!

24 Hours All Gigs: 5 Tips

On Sunday – 21st March 2021 – all gigs on gigmit will be open to all applications for 24 hours, for FREE. All festivals, all radio, promo and win opportunities, all live stream concerts, and all premium gigs are included in this offer, for which you would otherwise need a gigmit PRO account! Great, what is there to do now? Follow these 5 tips to make the most of the day.

1. Register!

First of all, if you are not yet part of the gigmit live music community: Register as an artist at gigmit by 20th March 2021 at the latest. Its free, fast and easy. Register here… 

2. Clean Up!

If you’re already on gigmit, log in and make your artist page look the best it can be! Applications with unkept profiles neither appeal nor attract opportunity. So swing your cursor for a digital spring-cleaning!

  • Update your media, press images, texts, riders, and your gig history! Get help here
  • Connect your Facebook and Spotify account if you haven’t already done so! This way you’ll automatically get listed in the gigmit FAN CHARTS.
  • Have a look in advance at the gigs you would like to play. You can find out how to filter suitable gigs here

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3. Apply!

On 21st March, apply as early as possible for as many gigs as you can! For 24 hours all gigs will be open for your application. Your application will of course remain active after the open day, so there’s no need to worry. You can find the gigs you should definitely apply for here.

4. Be Pro-Active!

The PRO features of the gigmit FESTIVAL & VENUE DATABASE are also free for you to use on 21st March. Use the time to research and filter suitable promoters. Write to them directly and automatically with your gigmit artist page and adapted local booking preferences!

5. Get booked!

Now it’s just a matter of waiting, being patient, and having a bit of luck. Your applications will of course remain valid after the gigmit open day has commenced. Check your emails and in-app messages regularly to be able to react quickly to any queries from promoters.
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Do you want to have the best chances of getting booked and/or enjoyed our open application day? Then why not try out gigmit PRO for 30 days free of charge? Your applications will feature at the top of the promoter’s lists, as well as many more wonderful benefits. Find more info here

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