Mar 30, 2021

One Year gigmit blog – This Is What the Live Community Wants to Know


Throughout this year, we produced over 450 articles in German and English to inform the gigmit community about booking in the digital age – and everything related to it. Time to look back. We wanna share our highlights from our first year with the gigmit blog. Which topics does the gigmit community find most exciting? What are the hot topics? And what is left to say?

One-year gigmit blog

One year gigmit blog means, a lot of topics, a lot of f experiences, industry knowledge, and the unpredictable. In early 2020, the new gigmit blog went live – your online handbook on the Digital Age of booking with news, trend, artist & expert interviews, competitions, and classic guides on booking and DIY talent development. The goal: To share industry knowledge! 

Since then we have published more than 450 articles in German and English divided into the categories “NEWS”, “GUIDE”, “DISCOVER” and “WIN”. We kept you updated with an average post per day. Almost 100 of them in cooperation with selected music brands (such as JBL, SENNHEISER, CASIO, YAMAHA, SHURE), which provides know-how, tips, and extra offers to the gigmit community.

Most Wanted Blog Posts

Those articles were read the most in one year gigmit blog:

Internationally Connected

We marked a milestone with the gigmit blog after we created the first big public list of export offices in Europe, supporting the international perspective of thousands of live acts and DJs – but als the national promoters. Crazy that this did not exit before, right?

COVID-19 & Live Music

Shortly after the launch of our new gigmit blog COVID-19 interrupted our life’s with the first lockdown in Germany and a dark time for live music. During this time we developed a unique series of events to help music creators, which we constant update: COVID-19 Shutdown: Important Info & Links for Music Creators were also one of the most read articles on the gigmit blog. Even a year later, it’s still exciting to read because you can track the fundamental change in the industry at a glance.

covid-19 wichtige Links & Infos: leere Sitzplätze

In context to the pandemic, these articles stood out in particular:

At this time, our lockdown series “Not Home Alone” was created where we present pioneering ideas and technological innovations from selected brand partners. Always with the goal of providing you with solutions for corona-related live restrictions.

Not Home Alone …

There is quite often also something to win in this and other categories.

Our “One-year gigmit blog” tip: Stay tuned! Winning here is much easier than you might think.


It’s been clear for a long time that streaming would become a dominant topic for artist (and even organizers). Especially in these times. Corona increased the interest further. This is also reflected in the following articles in the gigmit blog:

Bewerben deines Livestream-Konzerts
Trend in gigmit blog: Are live streaming concerts the new normal?

Innovative Instruments

The presentation of innovative instruments met with great interest in a year gigmit blog. Here, for example, those following contributions are worth mentioning:

We have developed a new convert format in which the revolutionary digital piano CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-510 makes first-class grand pianos sound possible and this even in a live club. The result of this cooperation with CASIO, Neue Meister and Berlin sessions can you watch here:

gigmit Piano Act Benedikt ter Braak at the Neue Meister Session at the Casio Celviano.

Speaking of sustainability: this topic also enjoys popularity. Our articles about VeloConverts (Take Live Gigs Out of Normal Venues) and Sustainably Produced Merch were clicked very often.

gigmit News & Innovations

Of course, there have been many news and new product developments in one year of gigmit blog. To be honest there are a whole bunch of them! If feels like we were just waiting for the right time to serve the industry data-driven booking on a silver platter for the restart post COVID:

Live Booking Guidegigmit guide

Further highlights of our work for the empowerment of the gigmit community are definitely our guides. There are now 3 gigmit guides as pdf format. Which help you to get booked more and to promote your gigs. If you don’t have them yet: download them here for free and get the basics!

You can find more advice topics here on the blog in the  “GUIDE” section. Simply use the search function if you are looking for specific keywords. If you have important questions about the product, our  gigmit FAQ articles can help you.

Thank You

At this point, we want to say thank you. Thank you for your interest in our blog! Your clicks, likes, links, comments and shares mean a lot to us. We are even more satisfied if you can use the added value for yourself and your personal development. You and your music are ultimately the reason why we do this!

What You Can Expect From the Blog In the Future

In the coming months, a lot is going to happen on gigmit. Live music will return. New experiences and approaches will be communicated. There will also be more innovations on the product side. We also want to offer a platform to selected artists. And our main goal remains: We want to educate about booking and live music in the digital age. Do you have feedback on the blog or an exciting story to tell? Write us!

One year gigmit blog: check your new gig opportunities

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